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  • Why the heck is this $400 (!) showerhead such a Kickstarter superstar?

    Ilyce R. Glink at yahoo-homes-spaces 5 mths ago

    The Nebia showerhead made its debut on Kickstarter in August and blew past its original backing request of $100,000 in just eight hours. Now the company has raised about $3 million for its initial rollout of futuristic showerheads (and it still has about three days left).

    Not that Nebia is hurting for cash. According to the New York Times, Apple CEO Tim Cook has invested in the company along with a few other Silicon Valley muckety mucks. They can at least afford the $400 price tag.

    What makes the Nebia so noteworthy? According to the company, they changed the size and distribution of water droplets, creating more surface area while using a fraction of the volume.

    Co-founder and CEO Philip Winter offers this (somewhat romantic) description: It's like being totally embraced by water, experiencing the shower in a way you never have before.

    Despite the misting spray appearance of the shower head, the company assures us that "we know you're all wondering. … Yes, it does rinse your hair."

  • Campy videos take some sting out of road closures

    Ilyce R. Glink at yahoo-homes-spaces 5 mths ago

    Major road closures are no picnic anywhere, but in Los Angeles, they can be a nightmare, especially in a heavily trafficked corridor like La Cienega Boulevard at the world-renowned Sunset Strip.

    Trying to take the sting out, West Hollywood -- the self-styled Creative City, where about 40 percent of residents are gay men -- commissioned a video series of traffic updates called "The WeHoans," starring local drag celebrities Willam Belli and Roy Haylock (better known as Bianca Del Rio, but here in a rare male appearance).

    The short videos riff pretty faithfully off the popular "Saturday Night Live" soap-opera spoof called "The Californians," which features blond characters lazily slurring their words as they give detailed descriptions of travel routes around Los Angeles. In "The WeHoans," the descriptions are actually helpful detours around the closure.

    As the videos make clear: Not even local institution WeHo Jesus should attempt to take La Cienega. Watch their exploits below.

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  • His handmade, off-grid shipping container cabin can be yours

    Ilyce R. Glink at yahoo-homes-spaces 5 mths ago

    The big-city lifestyle isn't for everyone; it certainly wasn't for Joseph Dupuis.

    At 26 years old, Dupuis was living in Ottawa, working whenever he wasn't attending college classes full time, but still living paycheck to paycheck.

    So he procured three shipping containers and combined them into a 355-square-foot, off-the-grid home.

    The cabin is designed to be dismantled, moved and erected in a new location with limited resources and time, he says. After living there happily in the country for two years, he's selling his unique cabin for $58,000 Canadian(or about $44,000 U.S.).

    "The scope of the project was to build something sustainable, something comfortable, something I could live in and save my money," Dupuis says. "Shipping containers are nearly indestructible."

    With the concept in mind, he needed only a place to start building. In the summer of 2013, Dupuis' father purchased a 100-acre farm in the country just outside Ottawa. As Dupuis helped create a road across the property, he came to a clearing near the far back of the farm.

    He really had no other choice but to learn by doing. So he did.

  • Family buys handmade Enchanted Forest, complete with live-in Candy Cane House

    Ilyce R. Glink at yahoo-homes-spaces 7 mths ago

    It's every kid's dream: spending time with magical characters in an enchanted forest guarded by a dragon.

    It will also be the reality for kids-at-heart Blair and MJ Johnson, who just bought an amusement park that brings to life the world of nursery rhymes and fairy tales -- and even includes its own live-in Candy Cane House.

    (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.)

    Tucked away in the cedar forests and mountainous terrain of British Columbia, the 55-year-old Enchanted Forest had been on the market, along with its sister site, SkyTrek Adventure Park, for a cool $2.7 million.

    "The owners have been running the park for more than 40 years," listing agent Steve Daschuk told Yahoo Homes. "They are ready to retire and pass the park on to someone else."

    That someone was Blair Johnson, who actually has a long history with the park. His family has a lake home in nearby Sicamous and he's spent summers visiting the park since he was 4 years old. Now, with his wife MJ and three sons, he spends time there every summer again as a dad.

    Fair enough.

  • Abandoned, rotting sea forts improbably transformed into luxury getaways

    Ilyce R. Glink at yahoo-homes-spaces 7 mths ago

    Three weird sea forts left to rot off the south coast of England are seeing new life.

    Directly across the English Channel from France, about a mile from Portsmouth, they were built about 150 years ago at the order of the prime minister at the time, Lord Henry Palmerston. He feared a French invasion after Napoleon III -- nephew of the much more famous Napoleon Bonaparte -- went from  popularly elected French president to emperor of France through a coup.

    Where once there were soldiers, now there are weddings, day spas and highbrow vacations. A company called AmaZing Venues has been snapping up these little defensive rotundas and transforming them into luxury accommodations, similar to those you might find on a cruise ship.

    (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.)

    Hundreds of soldiers were stationed at the sea forts. But the French never came after Portsmouth -- Napoleon III's reign ended in 1870, long before the Brits were even finished building -- and the pricey forts went down in history as "Palmerston's Follies."

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  • $59K will buy you a Stephen King-worthy poorhouse-turned-Bible-college-turned-'House of Nightmares'

    Ilyce R. Glink at yahoo-homes-spaces 7 mths ago

    Update: Hours after this story was published, the Knox County poorhouse caught fire. Concerned that the building may collapse, local firefighters opted to let the building burn out, according to WCHM-TV Columbus, which has video of the building burning Friday afternoon.

    “It’s burned all the way through both wings and looks like the center has collapsed,”Central Ohio Joint Fire District Chief Joe Porter told the Mount Vernon News. “It’s twice as dangerous as it was before the fire."

    The fire is under investigation.


    The Knox County poorhouse in the tiny hamlet of Bangs, Ohio, has served as an infirmary, a Bible college, and an authentically decrepit Halloween haunted house, and now awaits a new purpose--or the wrecking ball.

    In fact, when the building's current owner, Toby Spade, first saw the building go up for auction in April 2014, nobody bid on it at all, he says.

    The thing is, at least according to the poorhouse's historian, Aubrey Brown, it was really a very normal place.

  • The 15 best states for women

    Ilyce R. Glink at yahoo-homes-spaces 7 mths ago

    Looking for a place where men and women are economically and socially equal?

    Good luck.

    Perhaps the best place to start is Minnesota, where women are active in government, vote in large numbers, and have quality health care and long life expectancies, according to data gathered by WalletHub. The site looked at women's economic and social well-being as well as women's health issues in order to rank the states, as the issues are generally intertwined. (Related: Click here to see the 15 worst states for women.)

    Most of the best states for women are in the Northeast, with a few falling a little further south toward D.C. (counted in this list as a 51st state) and a few more in the northern edges of the Midwest.

    Here are the 15 states that are the best bets for women.

    15. New York

    14. North Dakota

    13. Iowa

    Nearly 92 percent of girls in Iowa graduate from high school, far more than the national average of 84 percent. Iowa also rated eighth for women's health issues, due in part to its standing as the seventh best state for having a baby.

    12. Washington, D.C.

    11. Virginia

  • Beautiful home or eyesore? Controversial home made of glass cubes for sale in Vail

    Ilyce R. Glink at yahoo-homes-spaces 7 mths ago

    Beautiful home or total eyesore?

    Vail is stuffed with sprawling European-style chateaus that could just as easily be found overlooking a winding river in the Black Forest as they could in Colorado. But Michael Tennenbaum, a California-based financier, didn't want one of those for his vacation home.

    Instead, he opted for a modern, cubed glass home that looks more like it belongs in Q*bert than in Vail. (This was less of a dated reference when the home was designed almost 30 years ago.) Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.

    Neighbors were rankled, according to the Wall Street Journal, but Tennenbaum's home, with its aqua steel beams, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and expansive floor space, was approved.

    Now the controversial 5,132-square-foot home is on the market for the first time, asking $13.9 million.

    Although many more modern abodes now join it in Vail, this is one of a kind -- and likely to remain that way.

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  • Homes that disappear: no smoke, all mirrors

    Ilyce R. Glink at yahoo-homes-spaces 8 mths ago

    Mirrored homes are all the rage these days.

    One, at Joshua Tree National Park in California, looks like a desert mirage thanks to its alternating panels of mirrored glass and wood; one looks like a fancy treehouse camouflaged in the woods (and another actually is a treehouse); and one, clad with a reflective top floor and opaque second floor, appears to literally float off the ground. (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.)

    "The world is currently awash in mirrored buildings that claim to 'disappear,'" Curbed writes.

    While all that smoke and mirrors may make them seem a little gimmicky, the mirrored house actually makes a lot of sense in the right environment.

    Typically, these homes are clad with reflective glass, which allows residents wide views from inside without allowing passersby the same views of those residents. The mirrored homes work best when there's something to look at, and something worth reflecting—mountains, lakes and forests—where residents may want to go about their business without having to pull the shades for privacy.

    Finally, they just plain look cool.

  • Onetime socialist hotbed asks $6.5M after radical renovation into luxury home

    Ilyce R. Glink at yahoo-homes-spaces 8 mths ago

    San Francisco's Albion Hall has a long history of use for radical causes: First it was the Socialist Party's local headquarters, then the meeting place for militant union workers, and in the 1970s was purchased by an Olympian who founded the Gay Games.

    After a radical renovation, it has become one of the most expensive properties in a blindingly hot market.

    Now a 4,500-square-foot home on the market for $6.5 million, its three-story living space showcases the building's original ceiling. Arched, dotted with skylights and supported by crisscrossed iron beams, the space immediately recalls the building's original purpose as a meeting hall.

    Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.

    Early users of the hall would undoubtedly stand aghast at the price -- one of the highest ever in the ridiculously hot Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, a city where workers are increasingly priced out  -- and probably by the transformation of the hall as well.

    In 2009, the property was transformed to the luxury home it is today.

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