Drifting a Subaru BRZ like it’s the Bluesmobile

Alex Lloyd

Why do we love the Subaru BRZ? Well, it's affordable, rear-wheel drive and has a manual transmission. It also rides on tires with less grip than a gloveless man on Everest. At 200 hp, some say it's not fast, and that when you mat the gas, it sounds like a retiree with rattly teeth and mild flatulence. It also has an identical twin called Scion.

All we know, is it's the driftmobile.You want out of this parking lot? The BRZ will do it more sideways than Elwood. I got to experience it first hand at the Putnam Park racetrack just west of Indianapolis, where a man named Chris asked me if I wanted to join a track day. I did, and Subaru kindly provided a new set of boots for me to destroy. Unless you're Eliot Spitzer, you can't have more fun. And after an evening of hooliganism: sporting black sunglasses, a black helmet, a black shirt, leaving black tire marks -- while slipping further than Anthony Weiner -- I had most certainly seen the light.

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