Luxuriate in this gravel garden from Yahoo Homes’ Flickr group

Click a photo to go to Yahoo Homes' Flickr group, where this photo appears. (Photo credit: gravelgardener on F …

(Photo credit: gravelgardener on Flickr)

(Photo credit: gravelgardener on Flickr)

The sculptural nature of Flickr user gravelgardener's oasis shows that you don't have to have a green thumb to craft a beautiful outdoor space (though obviously it doesn't hurt). We've chosen a few of her photos to showcase here, but if you're as intrigued as we were, you're going to want to visit her "New and improved Gravel Garden" set on Flickr. The apparent "portholes" you see along the fence in the big photo here turn out to be features of what she calls a "peekaboo fence," which she has photographed closer-up. A hammock and an "abaca beehive swing" offer places to sit and enjoy the view.

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Many thanks to gravelgardener for letting us into her sanctuary!

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