September 5: Louis XIV, Versailles’ royal remodeler, was born on this date in 1638


Click a photo to go to a slideshow of Versailles. (Photo: Jason Burmeister, Flickr)

Click a photo to go to a Versailles slideshow. (Photo: Bob Hall, Flickr)

Louis XIV, the Sun King of France, was of course known for many things -- but for Yahoo Homes, his establishment of the Palace of Versailles is especially notable. Before Louis XIV initiated one of history's most lavish remodels, the chateau was a royal hunting lodge. He presided over four building campaigns that spanned most of his life, nearly half a century, and in 1682 he moved the seat of power from Paris to Versailles. There the royal family would remain for more than 100 years. Versailles is now a museum and one of France's main tourist attractions.

Click here or on a photo to go to a slideshow of the Palace of Versailles.

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