A sharp angle on organization from Yahoo Homes’ Flickr group

(Photo credit: iBSSR who loves comments on his images, Flickr)

The other day, we featured a Flickr photo on the blog that illustrated how you can achieve lovely balance without symmetry. So today we thought we'd do a 180 and go entirely symmetrical.

This photo from our Flickr group was shot by Bert Busser, whose username is cumbersome but certainly makes its point: iBSSR who loves comments on his images. This photo is, if anything, one of the "softer" scenes in his home, which is entirely, rigorously and aggressively minimalist -- he calls his home in the Netherlands, designed by Huib van Wijk, "Minimum to the Max."

It's not a style that's easy to love (unless maybe you're one of the "Sprockets" guys below), but in the introduction to his "Home" Flickr set, he reproduces an eloquent explanation of minimalism by the architect John Pawson that was published in the Guardian:

"I am always perplexed when people look at my house and say that it is very beautiful - but how can I live like that? To me the thinking is the wrong way round. The whole point is that this is how I live, so this is what my house needs to be like. The architecture is the physical expression of a way of being: the form does not follow a particular fashion, it follows a particular life. ...

"I believe we have to get away from the idea of minimalism as a style and instead understand it as a way of thinking about space: its proportions, its surfaces, and the fall of light. The vision is comprehensive and seamless, a quality of space rather than forms; places, not things. This is why, in its fullest and most satisfying expression, it is not something that you can readily acquire a piece of. ...

"Minimalism is not an architecture of self-denial, deprivation or absence: it is defined not by what is not there, but by the rightness of what is there and by the richness with which this is experienced."

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