LiveMap Introduces Augmented Reality Motorcycle Helmet [w/video]


There’s a fine line between enough and too much information when riding a motorcycle. A company called LiveMap is attempting to walk said line with its new Augmented Reality motorcycle helmet that projects directional aids on the inside of your motorcycle helmet’s visor. Is it a good idea? Well, LiveMap is based in Moscow, international home of the erratic driver caught on dash-cam, so, you be the judge.

According to an article on Wired, the GPS system is built into the motorcycle helmet and displays full color guidance directly on the inside of the helmet’s visor– directly in the rider’s line of sight. The GPS system is voice-guided, eliminating any fumbling with gloved hands at super-legal speeds.

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It sounds insane at first, but it’s a theory that fighter pilots have been working with for decades. Although, fighter pilots are highly trained, intelligent professionals with typically better than 20/20 vision…and aren’t typically evading vodka-soaked Muscovite cab driver, either.

The truth is, riders have been utilizing GPS for years, typically mounted to the handlebars or the inside of the fairing. They also rig up helmet speakers, intercoms, and helmet-mounted lights wired to radar detectors to cut reaction times.

It’s an idea certainly worth exploring, though its actual application is probably going to be a DIY project, since it’s unlikely the Dept. of Transportation would put its stamp of approval on anything like this.

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