Deadlist stampedes in India


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The stampede at a temple in Datia in Madhya Pradesh added to India's notoriety for deaths due to such accidents, when sudden, uncontrollable crowds surge out of control.  Counting the February 10, 2013 incident in Allahabad, stampedes have claimed over a thousand lives in the last few years. Interestingly, most casualties in a stampede are not due to trampling but from compressive asphyxiation, when people are suffocated by being crushed against the mass of bodies. Managing large crowds, avoiding overcrowding and effective communication and security systems to ensure that panic does not lead to out-of-control crowd movement are some measures to check stampedes. Here is a look at some recent incidents of stampedes at religious gatherings. Here is a look at some of the deadliest stampede to have happened in India:

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