Back to the Future: 7 Old-School Technologies that Almost Stuck Around


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Technology moves so fast nowadays. The hot new app, operating system, or web software is quickly replaced with the latest and greatest in the blink of an eye. It didn't used to be that way, as tech products of yesteryear managed to last a long time before they were called to sit on the bench permanently. From tape decks to typewriters, these items were on the cutting edge when they were first released. I even remember when DVDs were a completely novel concept, if you can believe it. (Of course we still own some VHS tapes - I can't part with City Slickers on VHS!) Here's a look at 7 old-school technologies that weathered the storm - and were huge developments in tech at the time they were created- before finally being called to retire. So sad! - By Terrance Gaines

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