Snow Cute! 7 Adorable Photos of Cats Freezing Their Paws Off

Snow Day

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You'd think all cats would hate the snow, what with it being cold, flaky water and all. But it turns out some cats don't mind it. In fact, if the photos I've rounded up are any indication, at least a few felines seem to positively adore the snow! Not surprisingly, these tend to be the kitties with long, thick fur. (My cats, on the other hand, unfortunately have short hair and reside mostly indoors, so they are terrified of the snow!) Still, I don't mind. I get to enjoy these irresistibly cute snapshots of other furry little kitties frolicking in the cold weather, and now you can too! Click through for 7 adorable photos of cats freezing their paws off! - By Joslyn Gray

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