The Best View of the Mysore Dasara

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There are many ways to enjoy the celebrated Mysore Dasara. You could switch on the television and let it play while you tuck into platefuls of whatever it is you are noshing. Or you could stand in long lines pushing at the gates of the palace and buy a ticket (in black) for Rs 2,500. Or you could jostle with bystanders and push your way to the front of the barricade, a task that requires serious muscle, thick skin and unfathomable unctuousness. Or you could pass off as a relative of a VIP, but good luck with that.

Having tried some (if not all) of the above, AZHAR MOHAMED ALI discovered quite by chance that the most panoramic view of the procession was from a considerable height. So he shinnied up an avenue tree like many other spectators and shot this gallery for us.

Maybe we should have got him that media pass. Or maybe not.

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