Popular This Week: From An Electric Corvette To A Supercar SuperBus


Welcome to the weekend, race fans! Well, we welcome car fans of all kinds, but this weekend, yours truly is down in Baltimore for the Grand Prix! This is a unique weekend in which an ALMS race (modified Corvettes and Vipers, as well as prototypes) is held on one day, and the IndyCar Grand Prix is held on the next.

There is a lot of racing going on, and this coming week, we’ll have a host of stories on technology that has made its way from the racecar to the road, and how Corvette’s racing tires helped develop the tires for the ZR1 and C7 Corvettes!

But first, we recap the best stories from last week. So strap in, and check out the most popular posts of the week from BoldRide.


We spent some time behind the wheel of the 2014 Audi RS5 Cabriolet. It was the perfect way to spend the last week of August, basking in the sun, while holding on for dear life!


Another way to enjoy a sportscar is to gut the mechanicals, and replace it with an electric drivetrain, as is the case with this all-electric Corvette.

Youtube user “TaxTheRich100” spent some time hooning a Jaguar supercar around a farm (above), while Volvo unveiled its brilliant Concept Coupe (below).

If you are ready for school and want to ride in style, might we suggest this SuperBus:

But if you aren’t quite ready for school, and would prefer a stylish getaway vehicle, it doesn’t get much better than this BMW motorcycle and surfboard combination.


If you do make that getaway, make sure not to speed, lest you incur the wrath of these State police officers, and their distinctive liveries, provided by our own Craig Fitzgerald (hopefully without personal experience, though we can neither confirm nor deny).


Designer Samir Sadikhov created a stunning vision for Aston Martin that we could seriously get behind.


Finally, our own Jeff Perez hooked you up with everything that you need to know about the Frankfurt Motor Show:


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